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Dormir Bed & Foam - Good Night Dormir Bed and Foam

Dormir foam mattresses and pillows are engineered for comfort and a maximized sleep experience. Sound a little cold? Just snuggle under a cozy quilt covering a Dormir mattress and you'll discover that "engineered" can be a good thing. Visit our showroom and discover the Dormir difference.

A mattress is the most important piece of furniture you can invest in. Whether you need one of our established Dormir brand names or a product custom cut to any size or shape, we offer highly competitive prices.

  Top-of-the-Line Mid-Range

Latex Dreamweaver
The Dreamweaver combines the finest bedding materials available today. This luxurious mattress incorporates high quality natural latex with the pressure reduction of 8lb density visco memory. It is built using a support core tested to 50 thousand cycles to maintain firmness and height. Covers are made with a natural bamboo fabric that can be removed and washed.

It's like sleeping on a cloud. A top of the line natural visco memory mattress is built on the same core support as the visco memory. It is designed for the discerning sleeper wanting to be cradled by their sleep surface with minimal pressure points. The 4 way stretch Sherpa fabric cover is perfect for body contours.

Latex Dream
The Dream incorporates the features of the Dreamweaver Series without the pressure reduction layer. It offers solid support while giving a soft sleep surface that accommodates multiple sleep requirements.

A natural visco memory mattress gives the same pressure point reduction as the Reverie. It is economically priced for the budget conscious consumer. It's a great bed for everyday use or for the RV.

This is the workhorse of the collection. We have sold this ideal mattress for everyday use for over 30 years. It can be customized with four different levels of firmness, choice of thickness, and multiple fabric options.

The Float
The Float is a solid piece conventional mattress with cover. This excellent choice for a child or adult offers all the custom option choices of the Reflection.

Even our economy model offers a quality choice. Don't let a restricted budget keep you from experiencing a Dormir.

    Dormir Bed and Foam
Dormir Bed & Foam