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Dormir Bed & Foam - Good Night Dormir Bed and Foam

Dormir Bed & Foam Custom Mattresses and RV Cushions and Mattresses

Dormir Bed & Foam offers custom manufactured memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and gel mattresses. Dormir can also replace cushions of any size or shape for RVs, Boats, ATVs or for any other recreational use. Dormir also sells custom RV mattresses.

 As Dormir mattresses are custom manufactured, we can create a layered memory or standard foam mattress that will meet specific body-type and health needs.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Dormir Bed & Foam Memory Foam mattresses adapt to your body for the ultimate level of sleep comfort. It is never too hard, too soft, too cool or too warm. It adapts to unique body weights, shapes, and temperatures.

 Why It Is Different? Our memory foam mattresses conforms to your body reducing discomfort due to pressure points. Because we custom manufacture each mattress, we can vary the mattress layers to meet your particular sleep needs.

Serene Foam Mattresses

Dormir Bed & Foam has Serene Mattresses offering the luxury of a gel memory foam mattress at a reasonable, modest price. More – Serene foam is much cooler than other foams.

Latex Mattresses

Dormir Bed & Foam manufactures mattresses made of all-natural Latex foam. Latex is produced from the sap of the rubber tree and is an eco-friendly and biodegradable product. If you want pressure relief and superior support for your body, you need a Latex mattress. A Dormir Latex Mattresses are temperature-neutral and very durable.

RV Foam Cushion Replacement and RV Foam Mattresses

Dormir Bed & Foam custom makes cushions for RVs, Boats and ATVs. We can do simple repairs or complete cushion replacements. Any size, any shape.

We also supply a range of comfy foam mattresses that will improve your RV enjoyment so you can build a lifetime of memories with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Indoor Furniture and Patio Cushion Replacement

Dormir Bed & Foam will custom cut any size or shape of furniture cushions and patio cushions. Give your living room couch new life with new cushions.

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Dormir Bed & Foam