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Dormir Bed and Foam
Why Dormir? Dormir Bed and Foam - Good Night
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Dormir Bed & Foam - Good Night Dormir Bed and Foam

The Dormir Bed & Foam retail outlet is introducing a new standard of sleep comfort. But, just because Dormir is new doesn't mean our people are inexperienced. The Dormir brand is associated with a long line of companies known for quality products.


Sleep Excellence
Our goal is to exceed retail standards of product quality and service excellence. In lay terms, that translates into helping you get a great night's sleep. Our quality assurance program is the reason our list of satisfied customers continues to grow.

Our Showroom
You'll understand the Dormir difference the minute you walk into our store. The Dormir showroom is designed to allow you to take your time as you explore each Dormir option.

Sleep Consultants
Our sleep consultants begin by asking about your needs. You can depend on their knowledge of product specifications, product options, and sleep concerns to help you select the best possible mattress for you. At Dormir, we don't just sell sleep products. We sell sleep solutions.


  Environmental Policy

Dormir customers can rest assured that our products adhere to a best practices model of environmental responsibility in the fabricating process. We market products that reduce emissions and our exclusive manufacturer recycles all waste. The CertiPUR® seal enables consumers to make informed choices about the foam in the products they choose and eliminate concerns about “toxic” or “hazardous” materials.

    Dormir Bed and Foam
Dormir Bed & Foam