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Dormir Bed & Foam is the place to find sleep products made right for you. Experience the warm cozy feeling of drifting off into a deep, relaxing, peaceful sleep that only a Dormir quality mattress can bring. You owe it to yourself to check out a Dormir.

Buying a new Dormir pillow or foam mattress in Calgary is about more than just bringing home a first-class sleep product. A Dormir sleep product is an investment in your wellbeing. It is a lifestyle choice.

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A Healthy Sleep
Disrupted sleep patterns resulting from problematic sleep products can have consequences that affect your everyday life. Many factors contribute to a good night’s sleep. The better your mattress is, the better your chances of waking up refreshed, reenergize, and ready to embrace a new day. more

Dormir Bed & Foam offers selection, quality, and value. Dormir offers products priced for every sleep budget and we carry sizes for every style of bed. If we don’t have it, our exclusive Calgary based supplier will custom make it. At Dormir, we ARE the brand.

Guaranteed Quality
We are committed to quality from start to finish. We guarantee our sleep products because Dormir mattresses and pillows are manufactured right here in Calgary. Experience the difference a Dormir can make.

Made to Fit
Because we are supplied by a local fabricator, we can accommodate the most unique custom needs. Dormir branded products are manufactured by Sureline Foam Products in Calgary.

Have a Good Night from Dormir

Infant and Children's Mattresses
Infant and children’s mattresses and pillows are often purchased at Toy Stores or a Big Box Wholesalers they are a sideline. Don’t give your kids another reason wake up during the night. Start them off right with a Dormir, where quality is a priority. more

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Dormir Bed & Foam
Dormir Bed and Foam
Dormir Bed & Foam